The road to financing a home can be daunting, but when your travel companions know the way, the journey is easy.  When you choose Taylor Morrison Home Funding, you’re partnering with our professional mortgage team leading the way with personalized service, expertise and competitive products and finance packages.  Our priority is always to provide you the easiest finance path to your new front door.

With Taylor Morrison Home Funding, your mortgage team works alongside our builder team members during every step of your home buying experience.  From finalizing your home purchase with your Community Sales Manager through the construction of your home and finally the coordination of your closing, we work together to provide seamless communication and peace of mind that your financing will be ready when your home is.

Ready to start your journey? Let us guide you home.

Our Frequently Asked Questions and Mortgage Glossary will provide you more information and your Taylor Morrison Home Funding loan consultant is available every step of the way.

Let’s Map Out Your Journey

Before you make that final decision to purchase a new home, let’s explore and help determine the best financing options to fit your financial goals and budget. You will create a personalized account exclusively for your use. Your loan consultant will speak with you about your income, cash out of pocket and other qualifying parameters to provide you the best loan program options available to achieve your goals. We'll help you choose the right finance strategy to provide you with the confidence to make a sound purchasing decision.

Welcome to our Family! First Steps

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Taylor Morrison Home!  It’s time to continue with your Taylor Morrison Home Funding loan consultant. This is now where your pre-application becomes your formal loan application and satisfies your purchase agreement finance contingency.  All of your mortgage disclosures are available and once all verifications are received, you are well on your path to your mortgage approval.

Along the Path

Your client coordinator will work with you throughout the mortgage and home building journey. They will make sure any changes during the process are cleared and your financing is ready when your home is.

Our underwriter team reviews your loan and issues the formal loan decision.  Your client coordinator will deliver the exciting news and discuss your conditional loan commitment.  You will begin providing these loan conditions as construction continues on your home.
As your home nears completion, we will order a property appraisal. At this time your home may not be 100% complete and a final inspection of the property will take place just before the closing date. You will receive a third party notification requesting payment for your appraisal report and final inspection. This is due in advance of the appraiser's inspection.
Working hand in hand with your Taylor Morrison contract & closing coordinator, your loan consultant will work with you to lock in your rate for the time it takes to complete your Taylor Morrison home. 

Typically, within 30 days of home completion your client coordinator will request you to provide your homeowner's insurance agent’s contact information.  They will then order your title and homeowner's insurance policies. 

If you purchased a new home to build, versus one of our inventory homes, it is likely your credit, employment, income and asset documentation may require a refresh as these items are valid for 120 days.

Once your loan conditions have been reviewed and your documentation receives final sign-off, you are one step closer to owning your new Taylor Morrison home.

Just a few clicks away

Your home loan has been cleared through underwriting and is being prepared to move to our closing team. If any new and/or additional debt or obligations are identified prior to closing, the loan may be re-underwritten to determine if loan qualifications are still met. A final confirmation of employment is also completed within 10 days of your closing date.

Your home loan has been cleared for closing, the package completed and a closing date and time are scheduled. Construction of your home is complete. The closing typically takes place at the closing attorney's office, or the title or escrow company. Upon signing and funding you will receive the keys to your new front door.  Welcome Home!

You Have the Power with Dorothy to make Dreams come true!